My blogging journey finally begins…


For many years now I have shared information with educators, parents and school communities in a range of ways. As many educators do, I have contemplated creating a blog especially when I have supported both teachers and students to create their own. I have hesitated up until this point as I do believe the task of creating a blog is a huge commitment in time and quality content provision.  As I would say many times over, there is no point in beginning a blog if you are not prepared to continue to maintain it.

Finally I have decided to make the time and support the many inspiring educators, parents, school communities and organisations I have the pleasure of knowing and working with. I aim to further challenge their perceptions of education and wellbeing, to recognise the many realities that both inhibit and extend learning and living.  I’m hoping this blog will allow you to understand why I am so passionate about education and wellbeing (not just technology) and my hope of ensuring the heart remains in education through the power of Human Literacy.

I do hope you find this blog both insightful and engaging. If it does challenge your thoughts, make sure you share why.  I believe that we are now experiencing far more momentum to change the face of education through the power of collective Professional Learning Networks that operate globally to finally hear the true voice of teachers, parents and our amazing young people.

Thank you  for joining me on this journey from passion to purpose.


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