I’m back blogging again

For the last couple of years I have paused my blog posts and minimised my online communication to focus on research, development, consultancy and family. There is huge power in pausing to enrich your present experience, reflect on life and work, and recognise what matters most.

In this time my consultancy work with Edumazing has flourished enabling me to increase my action research with many professionals and validate the work we have been doing to reach the core of what young people need most in today’s world and in the future. Working in a diverse range of schools with so many passionate educators, leaders and parents, has given me even more momentum to influence the direction of education. Working with students has only heightened this even more. Seeing the impact this has had is truly wonderful.

With this pause time comes a wealth of information and research I look forward to sharing with you that will hopefully inspire you, challenge your thinking and allow you to recognise how you can continue to make a difference in your own life, your work and in the lives of others.

I am celebrating 30 years in education this year and will soon share what I have experienced throughout this time. I will also be posting on our Edumazing blog located at: http://blog.edumazing.com/ along with other great educators and professionals that are making a difference in education and wellbeing.

If there is anything in particular you would like me to write about, feel free to add it to the comments sections below. Thank you for sharing this wonderful educational journey with me.

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