“An education is the best gift I can give you to set you free”

Georgina Pazzi

Welcome to my blog. I am a passionate educator that believes anything is possible if we choose to learn and live without a box. This gives us limitless opportunities. My blog posts are informed by my many years of teaching, research, consultancy, leadership and connecting with schools locally and internationally. I coach and support families, students and professionals within different communities, with diverse needs, to improve their lives and learning. I have worked across all education sectors and provide educational and wellbeing services to Government, Independent and Catholic schools.

I gave up my role as an Assistant Principal of a two campus P-9 College to pursue my passion to make a greater difference as the founder of Edumazing, a wonderful, unique education and wellbeing business. It was a brave move but one that I have never regretted.  I am also now the founder and Chairperson of Star Learning Foundation. This allows us to reach all learners and make a difference to their lives in the best possible way.  I truly love what I do, and work with an incredible team of passionate people. This also extends out to the outstanding schools, organisations and businesses I support each week. 

Seeing the difference we make on a daily basis brings me great joy. As a Speaker and Professional Development Facilitator, I inspire educators, leaders and businesses to improve the quality of their work, their profession and their lives. 

I also believe in being community minded and enjoy my time as a Rotarian in helping others locally and throughout the world. I know we each have within us an extraordinary gift of love, service and compassion. 

The most important part of who I am is being a Mum to my amazing children and wife to my incredible husband, who support me greatly to pursue my life’s purpose.  I am truly grateful for everything in life especially the beautiful people in it. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope it makes a difference to you. 

Live and Learn with Passion

Georgina Pazzi